MICHELLE WATT  is a Hong Kong Chinese-born photographer known for her narrative tableaux style. Hungry for the fast and the loose, she moved to New York as a teenager and lived out her adolescence in dingy basements of afterhours jazz clubs. Cloaked in the mystique of late nights there, she became eager to recreate enchanted moments into visual constructions, extracting from her times of ravishment, debauchery and spells of intoxication. 

To this day, Michelle works in the cross-over margins between fashion portraiture and 19th-century allegorical painting to deliver large-scale, orchestrated, surreal scenarios. Her work has been published in The New York Times, USA Today and The Village Voice. She has shot assignments for LG, ONU, Olivers Apparel, Brooklyn Boulders and Arcteryx. She currently serves as art director to the premiere jazz label SmallsLIVE in New York City. 


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